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By David McGimpsey

Should you tore off the tops of canola —

yellow canola flowers —

would you leap in a bathtub of canola margarine

just to make the simplest of despair?

Implored by way of involved readers to be 'classy' and 'real' for as soon as, David McGimpsey has composed a series of canonical note-books on all issues 'poetic' and 'poetical. ' Birds! vegetation! heritage! unhappy leaders! The observe 'aubade'! They're all right here, in a serial, kingdom Fair–bound number of lyrics set within the working-class belvedere of Asbestos Heights.

Among the fresh lemon-lime sodas of the area and the rousing lyrics to 'Bootylicious,' Asbestos Heights amps up McGimpsey's trademark sideswiping of formal rhetoric and prosody with pop savoir faire to find his boldest assortment. think Petrarch in a Tweet battle approximately the place to shop for a superb pair of pop denims. think Yeats yet with much fewer swans. think a poet who was once informed in the past that not anything reliable ever comes out of a spot like Asbestos Heights.

'David McGimpsey is unfuckwithable, poetry-wise, and I'll stand on John Ashbery's espresso desk in my cowboy boots and say that. '

— Michael Robbins

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It was caparison of wind and cloud And something given to make whole among The ruses that were shattered by the large. II Concerning the Thunderstorms of Yucatan In Yucatan, the Maya sonneteers Of the Caribbean amphitheatre, In spite of hawk and falcon, green toucan And jay, still to the night-bird made their plea, As if raspberry tanagers in palms, High up in orange air, were barbarous. But Crispin was too destitute to find In any commonplace the sought-for aid. He was a man made vivid by the sea, A man come out of luminous traversing, Much trumpeted, made desperately clear, Fresh from discoveries of tidal skies, To whom oracular rockings gave no rest.

He marked the marshy ground around the dock, The crawling railroad spur, the rotten fence, Curriculum for the marvelous sophomore. It purified. It made him see how much Of what he saw he never saw at all. He gripped more closely the essential prose As being, in a world so falsified, The one integrity for him, the one Discovery still possible to make, To which all poems were incident, unless That prose should wear a poem's guise at last. IV The Idea of a Colony Nota: his soil is man's intelligence.

Pronounce amen Through choirs infolded to the outmost clouds? Because he built a cabin who once planned Loquacious columns by the ructive sea? Because he turned to salad-beds again? Jovial Crispin, in calamitous crape? Should he lay by the personal and make Of his own fate an instance of all fate? What is one man among so many men? What are so many men in such a world? Can one man think one thing and think it long? Can one man be one thing and be it long? The very man despising honest quilts Lies quilted to his poll in his despite.

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