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Comprehend what plagiarism is and why it truly is flawed. whereas plagiarism has been an issue because the invention of the printing press, at the present time the net had made copying and dishonest more uncomplicated than ever. writer Barbara Francis describes ways in which scholars can stay away from plagiarism of their personal paintings and ways in which academics and groups can strive against it.

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It will show you how to properly conduct your research and how to move toward creating original work based more on your own, original thoughts. Other Forms of Plagiarism Though plagiarism is most often associated with the written word, it can also mean the theft of many other types of creative ideas: music, scripts, paintings, and designs. When you go to the movies, notice that once the actual movie is over, you see rolling by on the screen a list of names next to the jobs those people performed while working on the movie.

Though teachers would rather teach than police, they are also capable of firing up their own search engines to catch students they suspect might be plagiarizing. All they have to do is type in a string of words from a student paper and their effort might reveal a grade-busting cut-and-paste job. com that specialize in plagiarism detection. These services allow a teacher who suspects a student may have turned in unoriginal work to upload an entire paper and check it against an online data bank of millions of papers to see if the student has indeed plagiarized.

Shakespeare takes this story and brings it to life on the stage by plotting out five acts and giving these characters spellbinding dialogue as well as doubts, fears, and the countless weaknesses that make man what he is. Shakespeare did not copy Plutarch word for word. He took a true story from history, written about events that took place centuries earlier, as his jumping-off point and created something new and original—a literary masterpiece. From Borrowed to Stolen The word “plagiarism” comes from the Latin plagium, which means kidnapping.

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