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By Laurence A. Turner

The 4 narrative blocks which include Genesis are prefaced by way of statements ('Announcements') which recommend ways that the resultant tales are inclined to enhance. the writer concludes that the 'Announcements' impression their narratives in lots of other ways and they are deceptive signs of ways plots will boost. Genesis is extra involved to offer the ironies of human intent and divine windfall than to recount the understanding of any pre-ordained plan on God's half. This unique and fresh monograph, written in a lively kind, is bound to change the way in which readers be mindful the Genesis tales.

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40 Announcements of Plot in Genesis history. The rest of chs. 2 Petersen argues that RendtorfFs subtle distinction between 'drar and qalal is not supported by OT usage. Qalal is used to describe Balaam's cursing in Josh. 9, 'And he sent and invited Balaam the son of Beor to curse (leqallel) you'. Deut. 28 contains a number of curse formulas introduced by 'arur (w. 16-19), and yet they are referred to as haqq'laldt (v. 3 Similarly, its use in Gen. 4 In this light, RendtorfFs view that qalal does not refer to a curse as such is not so convincing as it first seemed.

First a general observation, that the subjugation of the earth does not necessarily follow from humans being fruitful, multiplying and filling the earth. That is to say, the earth could be filled with humans who live lives of vagabondage, eking out an existence on a hostile earth; in this situation there would be no human overlordship. Secondly, the narrative itself sees the first three elements (be fruitful; multiply; fill the earth) as a self-contained unit. Gen. 2 repeats these three imperatives, omitting 'subdue the earth', indicating that human subjugation of the earth, while it may be related, is a separate matter.

259; Gros Louis, 'Genesis 3-11', p. 259. A similar view in Philo, Mos. 62, is cited by Lewis, Noah and the Flood, p. 48. 1. 20)— an act of butchery on a scale which makes Abel's offering look insignificant. These animals were saved from drowning only to feel the sacrificial knife at their throats. 20 it is not difficult to see why. 3 Animals will not only be used for sacrifices to God, but for everyday food for humans as well. The restriction on eating blood with the flesh (v. 4) is no comfort to those creatures whose life-blood will be drained.

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