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By Viktor A. Gorbunov

The idea of quasivarieties constitutes an autonomous course in algebra and mathematical common sense and makes a speciality of a fragment of first-order logic-the so-called common Horn common sense. This treatise uniformly provides the vital instructions of the speculation from a good algebraic technique built by way of the writer himself. A progressive exposition, this influential textual content features a variety of effects by no means sooner than released in ebook shape, that includes in-depth observation for purposes of quasivarieties to graphs, convex geometries, and formal languages. Key good points contain insurance of the Birkhoff-Mal'tsev challenge at the constitution of lattices of quasivarieties, priceless workouts, and an intensive checklist of references.

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Here and in the rest of the book we use the so-called upper and lower Gaussian brackets. ⌈x⌉ = min{z ∈ | z ≥ x} and The binary number a = (an−1 a0 20 + · · · + an−1 2n−1 . 1 : The addition function fnadd ∈ B2n n+1 has two n-bit numbers x and y as inputs and computes the (n + 1)-bit representation s of |x| + |y| . In this section fn means fnadd . How efficient is the addition method we learnt in school ? We use a halfadder to compute s0 = x0 ⊕ y0 and the carry bit c0 = x0 ∧ y0 . Afterwards we use n − 1 fulladders for the computation of si and ci from xi , yi and ci−1 .

Afterwards we use n − 1 fulladders for the computation of si and ci from xi , yi and ci−1 . Finally sn = cn−1 . 40 Already in Ch. 2) Altogether we obtain a circuit of size 5n − 3 and depth 2n − 1 . Here we compute in parallel all xj yj and xj ⊕ yj . Afterwards sj and cj can be computed in depth 2 if cj−1 is computed. 1 : The school method of addition leads to a circuit of size 5n − 3 and depth 2n − 1 . This circuit is of minimal size (see Ch. 5). But its depth is far too large. This is not astonishing, since the method has been designed for sequentially working people.

At first we explain our ideas by an implementation of small depth and large size. Afterwards we bound depth and size simultaneously. Considering depth only to consider one output only is sufficient, say G2m −1 0 = g 2m (u2m −1 v2m−1 u0 ) . 16) G2m −i 2r −1 2m −(i+1) 2r V2m −1 2m −i 2r All triangles on the right side have length 2r , the rectangles can be computed in depth m , all conjunctions between triangles and rectangles can be done in parallel and by divide-and-conquer, the outer disjunction can be performed in depth m − r .

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