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By Joseph J. Vitale ScD, MD (auth.), Joseph J. Vitale ScD, MD, Selwyn A. Broitman PhD (eds.)

Boston collage college of medication has validated a chain of scientific teaching programs in foodstuff held every one summer time given that 1975. those care for controversies in human scientific meals. the topics have lined a variety of subject matters, together with these facing the relation­ ships among vitamin and center affliction, vitamin and melanoma, breast· as opposed to bottle-feeding, and nutritional fiber and affliction. different noncontroversial issues have been additionally lined at those meetings; they have been mentioned just to deliver to the eye of the health care professional new happenings in dietary study. those themes handled the relationships of meals to immune functionality, to neurotransmitters, to an infection, to weight problems, and to chemotherapy. this article is a compilation of chosen manuscripts of curiosity to the health care professional within the sector of human medical meals. no matter what luck this article enjoys is in no small manner because of the advert­ ministrative and editorial efforts of our administrative assistant, Mrs Geraldine Rankin - our honest thanks.

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Thus, there seems to be ample support for the statement that the antibodies survive infant digestion. We must still inquire whether they function and, if so, how? 5 A specific selective mechanism for the transport of maternal gamma globulins has also been presumed to be present in many mammals. There is, however, no evidence that this system has any significance in the human intestine. More likely, the action of antibodies in human milk is limited to the alimentary tract of the neonate. It appears as though secretory 19A binds antigen in the lumen of the intestine before the antigen can be absorbed.

Even more difficult to interpret are those studies that attempt to correlate early feeding experiences with late adolescence and early adult behavior. For example, the security levels of college students were measured by standardized psychologic tests and the results were correlated with the type of early feeding experiences. 3 1 The results of these tests showed that the highest security levels were obtained by students who were never breast-fed, those who were nursed for less than three months, and those who were breast-fed longer than 12 months.

II. Cunningham AS: Morbidity and mortality in breast-fed and artificially fed infants. J Pediatr 90:726-729, 1977. 12. Goldman AS, Smith CW: Host resistance factors in human milk. J Pediatr 82: 1082-1090, 1973. 13. Klaus MH, Kennell JH: Human maternal and paternal behavior, in Klaus MH, Kennell JH (eds): Maternal Infant Bonding. St. Louis, CV Mosby Co, 1976, pp 38-98. 14. Trause MA, Klaus MH, Kennell JH: Maternal behavior in mammals, in Klaus MH, Kennell JH (eds): Maternal Infant Bonding. St. Louis, CV Mosby Co, 1976, pp 16-37.

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