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Wes' voice was low and ragged, and Mike trembled in anticipation. Mike rolled over and pulled up onto his knees and elbows as Wes opened the drawer to grab a condom and the lube. Mike heard the sound of the condom wrapper tearing, then the snap of the lid on the lube opening. He separated his knees a little to give Wes better access and felt one of Wes' hands steady on his hip. Mike felt the touch of Wes' cool fingers adding lube at his hole, then one slick finger penetrated, stretching him. Mike moaned softly and put his head down, slowly rocking his body against Wes' hands.

Greg laughed. " They finished up the cookies and then cleaned up the kitchen. They headed to the living room and wound down watching the news. At ten o'clock, Mike was tired, so he said goodnight to Greg and headed off to bed. He washed up in the bathroom and softly opened the door to the bedroom. Wes was sprawled on his back, sound asleep. Mike quietly took off his clothes and slipped under the covers. The rhythm of Wes' breathing was soothing and Mike drifted off to sleep himself. *** Wes heard the alarm and turned it off.

He tossed them into a lunch sack to take with him and settled down with a bowl of corn flakes. He made quick work of the cereal, tossed his dirty dishes into the dishwasher, and then grabbed the cookies, his keys, and wallet before heading out the door. He smiled at Greg on his way out. "Thank you for the cookies. " "You're welcome. " "I'll plan on being here for lunch. " "Sounds great. " "You, too. " Chapter Eight Mike woke up a little before the alarm went off, feeling cold and alone in bed. Damn.

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