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The Greek thinkers Fferaclitus and Democritus (mentioned later) were traditionally known as the 'weeping' and 'laughing' philosophers. 10. Terence, Woman of Andros 310. 11. 6. 12. Psalms 14:3. 13. Terence, The Mother-in-Law 406. 14. Seneca, Phaedra 979-80. 15. Terence, Phormio 244. 16. Seneca, Phaedra 214. 17. 273-80. 18. Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, died 1429. 19. Lycurgus was the traditional founder of the Spartan constitution and military system. 20. Solon was an Athenian statesman and poet of the sixth century BC.

This is the greatest miracle in nature, for all other things beneath God are each one single being, whereas Soul is everything at once. It possesses in itself images of the divine things on which it itself depends, and concepts and exemplars of the lower things which it itself somehow produces. And since it is at the centre of everything, it possesses the faculties of everything. Consequently, it passes into everything. And since it is itself the true connecting link between all things, it does not abandon one thing while it moves on to another, but rather it goes into individual things while always preserving everything.

We should therefore think of those who try to root out these excessive desires from our minds, and teach us to have as little as possible to do with fortune's gifts, as making the greatest contribution to the two things which, rightly viewed, are to be preferred to all others: bodily peace and tranquillity of mind. I have here written two books to try to add to the sum of useful human knowledge with my thoughts on these matters. They show, as far as my limited abilities are able, the full wretchedness of the condition into which we are born, and how far men are cheated of their hopes, so that, when the frailty of human nature is exposed, they may recognize that chance decides the lot of those who trust too much to fortune's arbitrary power, and may find for their own longings some quieter haven from which they can contemplate, as from the safety of a watchtower, the storms that beset those who have entrusted themselves to the squalls of fortune.

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