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By Gouri Dange

For the parentchild interplay, there are not any textbooks, no written exams, no diplomas and levels – purely adventure, life's many calls for, and at last the delight of robust and loving bonds. ABCs of Parenting echoes a few of the matters of daily parenting. The booklet deals feedback, strategies, and most significantly, meals for notion – for all these for whom being a father or mother or a godparent is a tough, dynamic and highly worthwhile function. The booklet touches on quite a few age teams, from child to youngster. Written through a family members counsellor who's additionally a author and editor, each one subject offers key insights on quite a lot of subject matters. there is actually whatever for each letter of the alphabet: from A for Apologies to Z for Zombies. ABCs of Parenting holds many common Truths which are contained inside us all yet are usually forgotten within the hurlyburly of daily parenting. without jargon and decisions, the e-book is an stress-free in addition to illuminating learn, cover...

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I for imagination Give your children the space and time to imagine…and watch their creativity flourish. If someone hadn’t imagined it, we would never have had planes, electricity, the Ajanta paintings, the Qutub Minar, great stories. Invention, creativity, inspiration, discoveries… they have all been fuelled by people who have used their imagination. Or one should say, by people whose imagination was allowed to flourish freely. Today, our children seem to have too little time to imagine. Between school work, home work, classes, TV, video games, where is the scope for a child to simply be, and to let his imagination entertain him?

D for discipline One parent playing the Good Cop and the other playing Bad Cop isn’t quite how disciplining works. “My son thinks I am a wet blanket and spoil-sport, while his Dad is great fun and the kindest softy in the world,” a mother complains. When it comes to matters of discipline with kids, it is usually one parent who ends up being the ‘Hitler’ or the ‘villain of the piece’. In this mother’s case, as with a lot of other parents, somehow she has come to be the one who always has to say ‘no’ or to insist on bed-time being maintained or homework being finished, and a hundred other things that go into the making of a child’s daily routine.

Which means not only to not respond, but to genuinely ignore it. This you can help him do by painting the teasers and bullies in a ‘boring’ light in conversations at home. Like they’re a stuck record. Right now he sees them as his tormentors, as strong figures; if he sees them as silly fellows with nothing better to do, he may be able to ignore them better. It is a difficult concept for a 7 or 8-year-old to understand, but do try it. Teasing right back. This is not in the tradition of ‘Gandhigiri’, ‘turning the other check’ no doubt, but a few smart come-backs which involve targeting some trait of the teasers may go a long way in getting the bullies to back off.

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