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By William R. Scott

This consultant was once an not obligatory interpreting fabric for one in every of my BH periods. at the beginning I wasn't convinced what to make of this advisor, easy methods to use it and what its usefulness is. it's not priceless for interpreting Biblical Hebrew and will not do you any reliable if that is all you must do. yet it really is precious for parents who are looking to transcend the textual content itself. The extra I learn BHS and the extra i exploit the Masoretic notes and the severe gear, the extra valuable this little e-book turns into. additionally, for an reader, there's a lovely stable bibliography that allows you to dig deeper if desired.
Specifically, it covers verse divisions (soph pasuq, seder, etc.), distinctive pointing, the Masora (it has short notes at the Masoretes, Masora Finalis, Masora Marginalis -- either Mm and Mp, rationalization of the severe equipment and accents. additionally, there's an index of abbreviations and emblems in Mp and an invaluable checklist of Latin phrases utilized in BHS with English translations. For the associated fee it is a bargain and positively a great tool for the reader.

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1 or 2 servi. THE ACCENTS 31 xxx pâzēr gātôn (or ātan) Subordinate to rebîa; pap', tebîr or zarqā '. Up to 6 servi. ") Subordinate to rebîa; , pap', tebîr or zarqā '. Up to 7 servi. Used only 16 times in Bible. See Ezra 6:9 for example. xxx gedôlāh Subordinate to rebîa; paštā , tebîr (PREPOSITIVE) or zarqā '. Up to 5 servi. Conjunctive Accents of the 21 Books xxx mûnah xxx mehupp āk (or mehuppach or mahpak) xxx mêrckā' (merka, mercha) xxx S dargā' xxx 'azlā' xxx teIîšā' getann āh (POSTPOSITIVE) xxx galgal (or yerah) )9a mêrekā' kepûl āh (double mêrek ā') J xxx mâyelā' (or me'ayye lā') Variant of tiphāh.

One should usually translate all the words up to one of these major disjunctive accents and form them into a unit of meaning before proceeding on to subsequent words. The conjunctive accents are used on the words between the disjunctive accents and do not divide semantic units. Conjunctive accents indicate some sort of connection to the next word. The conjunctive accents are often referred to as servi (servants) for the disjunctive accents. Some disjunctive accents may take only a limited or specific number of Servi.

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