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By Robert Asprin

Captain Willard Phule has whipped his troops into form, turning Phule’s corporation from the laughingstock of the Legion into…a crack group of on line casino defense guards. Now his corporation is deployed to aid an underdeveloped planet. And what greater solution to make the most of their significant quarter of expertise—goofing off—than to show the planet into the largest intergalactic playground ever?

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With her help, he'd eventually get his revenge on Jester-and then retire, and at last she'd be free of him. The general took the printout into his inner office, and closed the door. When he was gone, she turned back to her computer-her stocks had been doing nicely, but recent news suggested that they might have peaked. She wanted to see if it was time to sell and get into something else... She managed to read nearly a dozen screens of financial analysis before the general buzzed her on the intercom and roared, "Sparrowhawk!

I'm waiting to see if that damned Captain Jester has finally done something I can cashier him for. You won't have to expand your coverage to find that-sooner or later, the idiot is bound to commit a blunder that'll put him in the headlines galaxywide, and I'll give him what he deserves. " "I thought as much, sir," said Sparrowhawk. Her brows knitted for a moment, then she said, "I think you might want to take another look through those flimsies, then. There's an article there I had to look at twice myself-it wasn't immediately obvious why your search parameters turned it up.

He made himself focus on the starlet's face. "I'm sorry, Miss Watkins, I'm afraid my military duties have eaten up too much of my time for me to keep up with what's happening on the artistic side of the operation. " Dee Dee's frown deepened, "Well, Captain, I'm disappointed. " Before Phule could turn to see what the commotion was about, a small, dark-clad figure dashed out of a doorway leading back to the casino and cut directly between Phule and the actress, knocking them both off balance. A pair of uniformed legionnaires burst out of the same doorway at full speed.

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