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By David Bishop

Marienburg is the best port of the outdated global, a melting pot of alternative cultures and races. whilst he's made a captain of the watch, ex Imperial military officer Kurt Schnell quickly reveals his promoting is a poison chalice. His watch station is within the worst a part of city, his males are scum, unfamiliar beings prowl the streets at evening - what extra might be able to get it wrong?

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The commander of all crime in Marienburg waited until Schnell had left the building before smashing one of the gold inlaid chairs to splinters on the marble floor. 43 CHAPTER SIX Kurt returned to the station but found his way in blocked by a steaming pile of pig heads sprawled across the entrance, and a woman descending from the first floor on a rope ladder. She had reached the cobbled street before noticing him or the captain’s insignia on his tunic. ” the woman demanded, pulling a mass of fiery red curls back from her face and tying them into a ponytail.

Bolts were hurriedly drawn back and the door swung inwards. Kurt strolled inside, a broad smile on his usually taciturn features. ” he offered, trying not to be startled by the black, empty socket where the doorman’s right eye should have been. Kurt glanced round and was surprised to find the interior little different from any other taproom in Marienburg. The ceiling was low, the wooden floorboards were covered in spilled ale and sawdust, and a low fug of smoke choked the air. 39 A surly cluster of sour-faced miscreants gathered at tables, while a serving wench glared at Kurt from the bar, her clubbed hands wiping a pewter tankard with a grimy cloth.

Kurt grabbed Jan’s right wrist. “Why? I’ve never known you to be afraid of anything. You saved me from myself more times than I can remember when I first joined the Watch. Without you, I’d never have survived a week in this city. ” “I’m retired,” the big man said quietly. ” Jan hissed, ripping his arm free of Kurt’s grasp. “Is that what you wanted to hear? I’m scared of that place — and you should be too. I’m one of the few men in the Watch who has stayed alive long enough to retire. I saved sufficient coins to keep me in ale and sausages for a good few years yet — more than long enough.

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