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He said/she said : women, men and language

A few of the issues explored in those lectures contain: Who talks extra, males or girls? Who interrupts extra, ladies or males? What do men and women are likely to speak about? who's extra oblique in asserting what we suggest? Why could an individual be oblique in asserting what we suggest? the place do those adjustments come from; how early do they begin?

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02139 Dr. Y. 10580 XLVII Preface You see things, and sa)' why? But I dream 1hings that never were, and I say, 11'hy 110t? George Bernhard Shaw Far ahead of his time, June 1st, 1909, Alexander Maximov communicated in a lecture, given in the Charite in Berlin, the fundamental knowledge, that there exists a lymphoid hemopoetic stem cell. Alexander Friedenstein explained that during the following years, Maximov also showed that the idea of interaction between hemopoetic cells and their stroma to be one of the most significant experiences.

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