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By J.J.M. Franse, R. Gersdorf (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

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Lb. 7 Fe, Co, Ni: Form factors, magnetic moment distribution 52 [Ref. p. 75 1. 75 Fig. 5. asa function ofrcduccd tempcraturc(TC=613K) for polycrystalline Ni. The forced volume magnctostriclion. 4. 10-‘OOe-‘. This value is in agrccmcntwith that obtnincd for the forced isotropic volume magnctostriction value of [65S2]. 2:[36 D I] and (b) I: [69T I]. 2: [65 F I]. 3: [65 S 21. 00 Table 4. Forced volume magnetostriction at room temperature for Fe, Co, and Ni. &O/ClH Ref. 3 ‘) 6 Fig. 5 6532 54Bl 69Tl .

Fourier transform of the magnetic moment density as measured by inelastic neutron scattering from phonons along different crystallographic directions in Fe4 at% Si. The smooth curves arc interpolations of the expcrimcntal elastic form factors. For data points without error bars the uncertainties are equal to or smaller than the size of the points. Note that the inelastic points lie slightI) lower than the elastic form factors in the [ IOO] and [I IO] directions and slightly above in the [I II] direction [8l S I].

10 K 20 Fig. 2b. 2K, in an applied magnetic field H npp,= 181Oe. Straight lines represent tits to the data of the form xg = K( T- T,)” for various n [65 C 21. c 8 - 1100 1200 1300 1LOO 1500K 1600 I- Fig. 3a. Tempcraturc dcpcndcncc of the inverse paramagnetic mass susceptibility of Ni. Samples 1 and 2: [63 A2],3: [I I W I], 4: [38 S 2], 5: [44 F I]. 3 Fe, Co, Ni: paramagnetic properties Ref. p. 3 Oe . 5 . 2 D 18 ,104 s cm3 17 I $16 8,10-'1 b 2 6 4 6 IO K 1500 20 1600 1700 c T-Tc - Fig. 3b. ,,,.

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