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100 sensible and encouraging rules for constructing creativity and literacy from origin level via to Key degree 2. >

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Ask the teacher and the nursery nurse, explaining why. IDEA 25 ANOTHER CLASS POEM It is a windy, rainy day. The same reception children are gathered at the window, watching trees bend, and an umbrella turns inside out as a woman struggles to make progress along the pavement. The teacher turns the children’s attention one by one to the leaden, tumbling sky, to the furiously swaying trees, to the people, to the umbrella. ’ ‘Listen! What does everything sound like? Look at the road. Tell us about what the water looks like, what is it doing?

37 IDEA EENY FEENY FIGGERY FEG . . 30 38 I am very fond of these rhymes, and it is difficult to do this activity if you don’t see some charm in them. I recite to the children some traditional playground rhymes. This category tends to merge into another one, nursery rhymes, but that term smells so strongly of Edwardian middle-class households, with nannies, servants, and Mother and Father having as little to do with their children as possible, that I am surprised that it hasn’t fallen completely out of use.

I say them in lighter moments with the children. I ask the children to illustrate them. I point out to the children that, in the title of these sections, ‘ee’ always makes the same sound; that ‘gg’ always makes the same sound, as does ‘n’. Preserve these rhymes. They will come in useful at Key Stage 2. 39 IDEA BRING BACK THE ICE BALLOONS 32 40 This is a winter lesson, and a lesson for a time when it is so cold that there has been freezing overnight. It is also a lesson (as are several in this book) that point up the continuity between stages: it is necessary to keep in touch with what other teachers have done with the children you teach now.

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