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By William Johnstone

This two-part statement argues that Chronicles, put because it is likely one of the 'historical books' within the conventional outdated testomony of the Christian church, is far misunderstood. Restored to its right place because the ultimate publication within the canon as prepared within the order of the Hebrew Bible, it is vitally to be understood as a piece of theology primarily directed in the direction of the long run. The Chronicler starts off his paintings with the matter dealing with the full human race in Adam-the forfeiture of the right of excellent oneness with God's goal. He explores the potential for the recovery of that excellent via Israel's position on the centre of the realm of the countries. This portrayal reaches its climax in an idealized presentation of the reign of Solomon, within which all of the rulers of the earth, together with such a lot famously the Queen of Sheba, convey their tribute in acknowledgment of Israel's prestige (Volume 1). As next background in simple terms too sincerely exhibits, although, the Chronicler argues (Volume 2), that Israel itself, via unfaithfulness to Torah, has forfeited its correct to ownership of its land and is solid adrift between those similar countries of the realm. however the Chronicler's message is certainly one of wish. by way of an intensive transformation of the chronology of Israel's earlier into theological phrases, the iteration whom the Chronicler addresses turns into the 50th due to the fact Adam. it's the iteration to whom the jubilee of go back to the land via a superbly enabled obedience to Torah, and hence the recovery of the primal excellent of the human race, is announced.

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6-10). Jerusalem, situated almost at the frontier with the breakaway state, stands exposed to the threat of invasion from the north. Rehoboam strengthens the Judaean heartland of his kingdom by rebuilding fifteen fortresses in a double ring. The inner ring, more or less hugging the central hill country, goes down on the east from Jerusalem, via Bethlehem, Etam and Tekoa, turns on the south through Bethzur and continues up on the west through Socoh and Adullam. The outer ring defends the southern and western flanks: it runs across the south from Gam, through Mareshah to Ziph, and doubles back to dominate the western lowlands from Adoraim in the south, through Lachish, Azekah and Zorah right up to Aijalon again on the northern frontier [Grollenberg, Map 13].

7: it was used in the advice of the elders at the beginning of Rehoboam's reign to express the well-being of Israel under the enlightened rule of the Davidic king through the avoidance of ma'al. What had been the true destiny of the people under Rehoboam's rule is now realized only in heavily modified terms. 13-14) MT separates off vv. 13-14 as the theological summary on Rehoboam's reign. In 1 Kgs 14 the parallel verses (vv. 21-22) come before the material C has used in 2 Chron. 2, 9-12. The narrative has accounted for how Rehoboam received his position as Davidic king in Jerusalem and the manner in which he discharged his responsibilities.

21) on his extensive harem may stand duty for framework element (4), the evaluation of the reign, and explain why, despite his exemplary trust, Abijah's reign was so short. MT divides the material into two major sections, vv. 1-20 (subdivided vv. l-3a, 3b, 4-5, 6-9, 10-20), and 2 Chron. 1. 1b refers to the next reign, it is considered with the reign below. The bulk of the chapter is C's own material (chiefly vv. 1-8] is much briefer— only eight verses to C's twenty-three): it provides a 'prophetic midrash' (v.

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